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We now provide to create a website for schools, organisations and events (competition, stages, masterclasses) at a really cheap price! Whatever the budget you have, we will create you a very professional website, with amazing graphic and already optimized with the standard security (anti-spam, anti-hacking) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website more visible and easier to find. We build all the websites with the CMS (content management system): WordPress. For one year you will have full support from our webmaster for any issue or request, we will teach you the easiest way to edit pages or to add whatever you want into your new website!

Attention: In case you haven’t got a domain we will provide it for you and we will buy it from the most realieble domain seller and with lower price possible due to your need. If you alredy have a domain and an hosting service you will not pay more.

We give a lot of importance to your budget and your needs, we will provide the website to you with the best possible price and with all the things you ask for.

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